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A minimalistic Christmas table paired with De Krans Wines

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A minimalistic Christmas table paired with De Krans Wines

(Originally published on www.elmarieberry.com on 21 November 2023)

Embrace the essence of minimalism while savouring the rich flavours of De Krans, creating an unforgettable festive experience.

A sleek, unadorned table serves as our canvas. A crisp, white tablecloth provides a serene backdrop, allowing the true stars of the special day to shine—the meticulously selected De Krans wines and the company of loved ones.

Subtle accents grace the table: minimalist glassware and sleek silverware elegantly complement the setting. A simple centerpiece of fresh, seasonal greenery or delicate blooms adorns the table, adding a touch of nature’s beauty.

Our celebration is elevated by the exquisite selection of De Krans wines. The rich, velvety reds, crisp and refreshing whites, and the effervescent charm of sparkling wines cater to diverse palates, providing the perfect accompaniment to our minimalistic feast.

  • Red Wines: Indulge in the depth and complexity of De Krans’ Tinta Roriz or Touriga Nacional, offering bold flavours that perfectly complement hearty holiday fare. I especially love their Twist of fate only R98 per bottle. You can buy it here
  • White Wines: Delight in the refreshing notes of De Krans’ Chenin Blanc or Chardonnay, adding a touch of elegance to our minimalist table. I have used the Moscato Rosé and the Pinotage Rosé for the recipes. You can buy them here


Here is my festive menu that I created for them. Easy recipes that you can impress your guests with.

Moscato Rosé popsicles – Recipe

Biltong Stokbrood – Recipe

Pulled Beef in Phyllo Crackers – Recipe

Festive bark with Cape Tawny – Recipe

  • Photography – Elmarie Berry
  • Food & styling – Elmarie Berry