Bubbles and Pink

90ml De Krans Cape Pink
120ml Sparkling Wine (Dry)
15ml Orange Liquor
2 drops Bitters
Garnish with lemon twist.
Pour all the ingredients into a chilled Champagne flute. Stir briefly and add the garnish.

Pink Diamond

1 Part Cape Pink (100ml)
1 Part Soda Water. (100ml)
In a Short glass. Ice cubes (Black Currents frozen inside ice Cubes) Pomegranate pips or raspberries at the bottom.
Mint leaves at the top.

Punchy Pink

75ml De Krans Cape Pink
75ml Lemonade
50ml Sparkling Wine
50ml Pomegranate juice
Mix with lots of fruit, mint and sweet basil leaves. Serve in a wine glass.

Spring Pink

180ml De Krans Cape Pink
180ml Fresh watermelon juice
45ml syrup
45ml Fresh Orange/lemon juice
Top up with lemonade

Pink Berry Punch

180 ml De Krans Cape Pink
180ml pomegranate Juice
120ml Watermelon juice
45ml Syrup
45ml Orange/Lemon juice
240ml lemonade
Red Fruits

Calitzdorp Sunset

60ml De Krans Cape Pink
30ml Gin
2 drops Bitters
90ml Ginger beer.

De Krans Rose

30ml De Krans Cape Pink
45ml Tequila
60ml Grapefruit Juice
12 ml lime juice
30 ml Soda
Sweeten if necessary

Ruby Rumble

1 part De Krans Prime Cape Ruby Port 100ml
1 part Lemonade 100ml

Sangria recipe 1

2 bottles white moscato
1 cup orange juice
half a cup triple sec
Garnish with orange and lemon slices
(optional: add a cup of Cape Pink)

Sangria recipe 2

2 bottles red moscato
1 cup berry or pomegranate juice
half a cup triple sec
Garnish with orange slices, black berries, pomegranate seeds, aniseed and cinnamon stick over night
(optional: add a cup of Cape Ruby)

Sangria recipe 1 and 2 Optional: Try with/without the triple sec

Espresso Martini

3 parts espresso dessert wine
1 espresso (cold)
1 part vodka

Shaken and drained
Garnished with coffee beans.