Double Gold for De Krans Pinotage Rosé at Rosé Rocks

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Double Gold for De Krans Pinotage Rosé at Rosé Rocks

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor – the 2017 vintage – the De Krans Pinotage Rosé 2018 has been awarded a Double Gold at the recent Rosé Rocks competition. This competition is the first of its kind in SA which is entirely dedicated to Rosé and seeks to not only acknowledge excellence in Rosé winemaking but also to in effect, promote the category in SA.

“The Rosé Rocks competition continues to go from strength to strength with high quality entries this year which reflect the increasing skill and attention South African winemakers are applying to this growing category. The trend continues to favour the drier styles with soft floral notes and a pale onion skin appearance. I can confidently say that South African rosé wines compare to the best that the French, Spanish or any other producing nation have to offer. As we come into the summer season again now we must look forward to enjoying these delicious refreshing wines outdoors with everything from seafood to pasta and salads to our favorite braai items,” comments panel chair, and leading industry influencer, Allan Mullins. Mullins was joined on the judging panel by five other leading industry role players.

The De Krans Pinotage Rosé 2018, which was released at the beginning of April, is packed with red fruit flavour and a balanced acidity, resulting in a burst of freshness. On the nose you’ll pick up soft elegant rose petals, candy floss and hints of strawberries.

Having previously produced a Rosé from other grape varieties, this style of wine has finally found its stride at De Krans in 2016 with South Africa’s signature variety Pinotage. Not only are the Pinotage grapes conducive to producing a superb Rosé due to the exquisite flavour of the grape, but the added bonus is that in the process winemaker Louis van der Riet and his team are also able to pay tribute to our roots.

After the grapes are crushed and destemmed, the juice is drained from the skins almost immediately, resulting in the beautiful light rose petal blush pink. The colour of Rosé has never been a trendier topic than it is at this moment in time. While darker shades of pink and red usually signify a sweeter palate, the lighter colour of current Rosés has almost become synonymous with a drier style.

The De Krans Pinotage Rosé retails approximately at R65 per bottle at most outlets or purchase directly from the farm. For more information visit