Hanepoot and Apricot Picking

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Hanepoot and Apricot Picking

Visitors came flocking to the farm this summer to pick their own Bulida apricots, Oom Sarel yellow cling peaches and Hanepoot grapes. The apricots are usually picked over a period of two weeks from end of November until the first week of December and the peaches the last two weeks of December.

The Hanepoot picking in February was a great success as always. In the times we live in, it seems that a rustic, close-to nature, do-it-yourself, slow activity is so scarce, making this opportunity even more unique and popular. What can be better than getting that city grid out of your hair, bringing your own basket and picking your own fruit, just like they used to in earlier days? For the foodies, you can even go the extra step and make your own apricot or grape jam or preserves – not only yummy, but also a lovely memory of such an exciting experience. If you’ve missed it this year, be sure to make a note in your calender for next year – same time, same place.


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