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Harvest Hunger Games

It seems just like yesterday when we wrote our November 2017 newsletter and so much has happened since then. We made it through one of the toughest harvests while battling with the worst drought in 100 years. The entire team worked incredibly hard around the clock to get in as much grapes as possible and the managing team had their hands full prioritizing between grapes based on their sugars and the condition of the vines. Luckily, while the harvest was much smaller (down 45% of our 2017 harvest), what we lacked in volume we made up in exceptional quality.

While the harvest was our main focus, we couldn’t loose sight of the importance of saving the vines, which meant prematurely cutting off the grapes from struggling vines in some cases.  This small harvest also forced us to buy in some grapes from neighbors to make up for what we lost in volume. With the harvest just finished, we are happy to say that we have enough excellent quality wine in the cellar to ensure significant growth in 2018, despite the trying circumstances.


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